Monday, January 30, 2017

How to cure acne in two weeks using natural ingredients♡

Hello guys! I am back with another post :) and this time I want to share with you all, my ultimate secret of how i got rid of acne in the cheapest, most natural way possible.
Before I begin, I want to tell you that I didn't suffer from cystic, but non inflamatoy acne, and just to make it more clear I will explain a little bit about my acne journey so you can get an idea of what my condition was like and determine wether or not you have something similar.
So I first started to break out at the age of 11 mostly on my forehead and chin, at the time looks weren't very important to me as I was still pretty young to worry about it and the acne weren't that bad at all, it was just few pimples here and there. The real nightmare started when i got my first period which was at the age of 13. The acne spread all over my forehead and in my upper mouth area as well, I was pretty much embarassed and tried soo many things but nothing really worked. I've tried zync pimple creams, some pills that my doctor gave me and other chemicals which are supposed to dry out the areas and get rid of the problem but that just worsened it for me. I once stambled upon a youtube video about curing acne in 3 days, and I clicked on it out of boredom not really thinking it is real because I know those clickbait and what evil things they are. I watched the video( thank God I did!) and decided to try it! It changed my face and LIFE forever(not really in 3 days but thats OK, haha:)). And the secret Lif changing ingerdient was:

Its weird right? I always thought that i should dry out my skin in order to solve my problem and now I am doing the exact opposite and its working wonders for my face.Ok enough talking and rambling Im gonna get right into the point of this post and I am gonna guide you through the whole process.
NOTE: Buy an all natural coconut oil ( if you don't already have one)!
First of all you need to steam your face or just wash it with hot water (you need to have your pores open) then take a cotton ball, pour some coconut oil on it and start massaging your face gently for about a minute. After thats done take your clearasonic (or if you dont have one use an clean old teeth brush) and gently rub your face, this should get rid of your dead cells and unclog your clogged pores. After a minute wash your face again but now with cold water so your pores can close which will  prevent bacteria from going in, dry out your face with a towel an VOILA you are done.
I do this every night as I use this technique for wiping my makeup off, but if you don't like to do that I reccomend doing it four times a week at first and then slowly going to one day a week.

NOTE:Remember that it will get worse before it gets better! Don't give up just yet. It took me approximately two weeks after I saw the first results, but it was deffinetly worth waiting. And if you want to check out some youtube videos about it just write Oil cleansing method in the search bar.
That was all for today, I hope you liked it enough to check my next post:)) love you lots♡
                                                                                                                                xoxo, BR♡

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