Friday, February 3, 2017

The complete guide to changing your lifestyle in twelve months♡

Hey! I am back today with another post, a guide to living a new healthy ifestyle in only 12 months. Check it out;)
1. January
Start the year with the most important change that you will do in your life. Drinking enough water is not only beneficial for your skin but your overall physical and mental health as well. It detoxicates your body and helps with losing weight and burning fats. I know that it is hard to just start drinking 8 glasses of water right away, so to make it easier start by drinking 3 glasses of water and then increase your intake by one glass a month(you can take few cheat months) so by the end of the year you are left with drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This method is really helpful because you body is getting used to the amount of water so it's easier for you to drink!

2. February
Cut your sugar intake. Just like we did with the water, start by limiting your sugar intake and cut off a little bit more each month, so by the end of the year you are sugar free! A good tip is to eat fruit or energy bars every time you crave something sweet.

3. March
Start working out everyday! I know it sounds insane but it really isn't. Download the app and complete the 30 day challenge. Go for harder option every following month. I am sure  you will love the results.

4. April
Start planning your meals. Prep some healthy food in the fridge so it's easier on the days you don't have much time to cook. Have an energy bar wherever you go so you don't have to buy fast food when the hunger kicks in. My favorite meal is salad with lettuce, one boiled egg and lemon as dressing, followed by two slices of toasted bread.

5. May
Spend more time in nature. Go out and stay at least 20 minutes a day in the outdoors. Try connecting with nature, you can go hiking, go for a walk with your dog, or go running in your neighbourhood. Don't forget to wear sunscreen and a baseball cap to protect your skin and eyes from the sun, because as much as the sun is beneficial for your bones it can damage your skin causing freckles and wrinkles.

Get more sleep. This is the perfect month for getting the sleep you need. If you are still in school you will probably be on your summer break by the month of June. This is a perfect opportunity, but that doesn't mean you could stay up until five in the morning and then sleep until 5 in the afternoon. Try going to bed at 12:00 pm and get up around 9:00 am.

That was all about this post, Check my blog out in a couple of days for part 2. Hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to comment on your thoughts!
                                                                                                                        xoxo, BR♡

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