Monday, January 30, 2017

Manifest anything you want♡

Wishes and desires come and go, one moment we crave something, and the other the hunger is gone. But there are some dreams and fantasies that sparkle in our soul our whole life and it's on us to choose whether we work hard and make them real, or feel the spark buried in our heart. I know, this first sentence was a little too poetic, but you get the idea, and I'm sure you are interested!
In today's post I wanted to talk about achieving your dreams simply by putting your mind and way of thinking into the right direction, using a not so simple technique (as some people like to call it) known as "The law of attraction". I know that most of you have heard about it, but for those of you who don't, you are lucky that you are here, because I deeply believe that these 2 minutes of reading this post, will change your life for good.
So, firstly I am going to start with explaining what this is all about. The law of attraction is basically making the universe to make your dreams a reality, by being on the same frequency of gratitude. It's played by a simple rule that is called "Attracting like for like", or to make it more clear that actually means that you can effortlessly attract positive things when you are thinking positively. I know that with a lot of negative stuff happening in the world and in everyone's lives these days, that is something very hard to do but I figured out tips that helped me stay on the positive side and ignore the negativity as much as I can.
Tip no. 1. Make a list of the things you are grateful about
You may be going through the hardest time in life, feel like all hope is lost and that you will never be happy again, but there is ALWAYS brightness no matter how dark your life is. So what you need to do is write down all of the thing that you feel grateful about. You can write down that you are grateful that you are not homeless, that you have warm home and a bed that keeps you safe every night, that you have enough food in the fridge that prevents you from starving to death, you can be thankful for your family and friends that love you unconditionally or even about the littlest wish or prayer that once came true. Even if you just lost someone that you really loved, write down that you are thankful about another person with who you can share your pain. Try to think and don't be afraid to write down every little detail that makes you feel happy. Read the list every time you feel sad depressed or unmotivated to continue with life.

Tip no. 2.Meditation
I can say that meditation is number one key to succeed in the law of attraction. Throughout meditation your thoughts clear out and your mind calms down which really helps you listen to your true inner self, your real wishes and desires and manifest the things you want. The best meditation is the one done in nature and daylight, in a really calm and relaxing place where you are allowed to hear all of nature's calming sounds. Start by imagining your self flowing in a soothing light that slowly catches and stops every thought that appears in your mind, and focus on the thing you want to manifest (e.g. Dream job, money, boyfriend or girlfriend or health), imagine yourself as a huge magnet that effortlessly pulls the desired thing towards you. At the end just take a moment and express gratitude for the thing you just manifested. Try meditating every day for 5 minutes and you will see a huge improvements on your life.

Tip no.
This is kind of random but it really worked for me and I wanted to share it. Try listening to relaxing and chill songs that put you in good mood before going to bed every night, it will relax you and it also helps you with falling asleep quickly.

Tip no. 4.Set reminders.
The energy you emit in the beginning really affects on your mood throughout the entire day, so every morning try starting as positive as you can. A good way to do that is setting a reminder on your phone of something exciting that is going to happen that day, or you can even write motivational quotes that will instantly get you in a good mood.

Tip no. 5. Don't ignore your emotions
This is the biggest mistake people do everyday(including me). We always try to hide our feelings, emotions and thoughts from the rest of the world by ignoring them and we put them in a second plan. To really succeed the peace of mind we need to carefully examine every little emotion that we feel and that way we can learn so much more about ourselves. Ignoring the emotions just makes everything soo much worse. Imagine it being like a cluttered room, it feels easier just throwing your clothes on the chair every night before going to bed, but then the whole room becomes a chaos and cleaning that mess out is really hard. Putting your clothes in a tidy way in your wardrobe every time keeps everything in place and makes your room a healthier living place. So it's the same with your feelings. Not giving enough credit and attention to them can only lead to a bad mental health problems and even depression:( Just don't be afraid to face your own self because "You" is the most pure and honest person that you will ever have.

                                                                                                                             xoxo, BR♡

How to cure acne in two weeks using natural ingredients♡

Hello guys! I am back with another post :) and this time I want to share with you all, my ultimate secret of how i got rid of acne in the cheapest, most natural way possible.
Before I begin, I want to tell you that I didn't suffer from cystic, but non inflamatoy acne, and just to make it more clear I will explain a little bit about my acne journey so you can get an idea of what my condition was like and determine wether or not you have something similar.
So I first started to break out at the age of 11 mostly on my forehead and chin, at the time looks weren't very important to me as I was still pretty young to worry about it and the acne weren't that bad at all, it was just few pimples here and there. The real nightmare started when i got my first period which was at the age of 13. The acne spread all over my forehead and in my upper mouth area as well, I was pretty much embarassed and tried soo many things but nothing really worked. I've tried zync pimple creams, some pills that my doctor gave me and other chemicals which are supposed to dry out the areas and get rid of the problem but that just worsened it for me. I once stambled upon a youtube video about curing acne in 3 days, and I clicked on it out of boredom not really thinking it is real because I know those clickbait and what evil things they are. I watched the video( thank God I did!) and decided to try it! It changed my face and LIFE forever(not really in 3 days but thats OK, haha:)). And the secret Lif changing ingerdient was:

Its weird right? I always thought that i should dry out my skin in order to solve my problem and now I am doing the exact opposite and its working wonders for my face.Ok enough talking and rambling Im gonna get right into the point of this post and I am gonna guide you through the whole process.
NOTE: Buy an all natural coconut oil ( if you don't already have one)!
First of all you need to steam your face or just wash it with hot water (you need to have your pores open) then take a cotton ball, pour some coconut oil on it and start massaging your face gently for about a minute. After thats done take your clearasonic (or if you dont have one use an clean old teeth brush) and gently rub your face, this should get rid of your dead cells and unclog your clogged pores. After a minute wash your face again but now with cold water so your pores can close which will  prevent bacteria from going in, dry out your face with a towel an VOILA you are done.
I do this every night as I use this technique for wiping my makeup off, but if you don't like to do that I reccomend doing it four times a week at first and then slowly going to one day a week.

NOTE:Remember that it will get worse before it gets better! Don't give up just yet. It took me approximately two weeks after I saw the first results, but it was deffinetly worth waiting. And if you want to check out some youtube videos about it just write Oil cleansing method in the search bar.
That was all for today, I hope you liked it enough to check my next post:)) love you lots♡
                                                                                                                                xoxo, BR♡

Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to successfully achieve the "New year, new me" resolution♡

Every new year we beleave in ourselves and set goals which we believe will be completed. Feeling motivated and inspired usually lasts as long as 2-3 weeks and then 99.9% of all the motivated people go to their natural habitat of ignoring their goals and dreams, and going back to their old self. Whether you want to eat healthier, burn fat, be more active or even want to achieve better results at work or in school you need a decent amount of motivation that will follow you wherever you go. So this is the list of tips for sticking to your goals and becoming the person you want to be(in therms of health and fitness)

Tip no. 1. Change the lockscreen on your smarphone
Hahah:) the title seems really funny and stupid i know BUT, trust me it will work.
Set a picture of the thing you want to achieve or the person you want to become. For example: if you want that perfect bikini ready body, but you struggle with getting yourself to eat healthy, everytime you crave those delicious chicken nuggets or cheesy pizza just simply look at your lockscreen and it  will remind you exactly why eating those foods isn't a smart idea.

Tip no. 2. Do a research on the food you eat
This tip is proven to be the most effective as it gives you information about all of the dangerous ingredients that you intake daily throughout fast food. Try starting by googling your favorite junk food and dive a little deeper in your research, and after finding out the negative sides just imagine how would your health improve if you slowly cut it out of your diet.

Tip no. 3. Find healthy alternatives for your unhealthy guilty pleasures
I am sure you are like whaat? How can something healthy be as good as chips or burgers? Well it can. Lets start with french fries. They are great right? But they are fried in oils which as we all now are TOXIC for our bodies, and you dont have to never eat fries again but instead of frying them try baking them. Cut them into thin and long pieces and put a tiny bit of butter, a little bit of salt and put them into the oven. Another thing you could do is eat dark instead of milk chocolate, drink tea instead of juice, eat whole grain bread instead of white and if you are an egg lover try boiling your eggs instead of frying them.

Tip no. 4. Smoothies
Easy, very high on proteins and minerals and pretty damn tasty as well. My favorite on the go smoothie recipe: I add frozen strawberries or any other kind of berries that I have at home, add one bannana, one cup of milk and one teaspoon honey, sometimes i like to add veggies which will make my smoothies richer in vitamins and color. And that right there is the way to heaven trust me ;)

This was my first post ever:) I hope you enjoyed it!! Check my blog in a few days for part 2, in which I'll tell you tips for work and school as well since this post was mainly health and fitness based. Leave a comment below telling me if you plan on trying anything, and what you would like to see from me next. See you in my other post!
                                                                                                                                       xoxo, BR♡